Professional Email List Hygiene

We are the premier email list hygiene provider specializing in removing bounces, bait, protestors, litigators and all perceivable threats from small to large email databases.

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Self Scrub

Scrub files on your own with our online scrubbing tool. Simply login, browse, upload a file, select the type of scrubbing you want and it’s done.

Team Scrub

In a rush?  Have our team scrub the files for you. Just upload the files into our secure FTP and we will scrub the files and alert you when they are done.

Real Time API

Verify emails in real time using our API. Connect our servers to your forms, email software or databases and scrub instantly.


Scrub large databases in bulk with our FTP API.  Connect to our secure FTP with post/get scripts and scrub your large files hands free.

  • Bait Removal 99%
  • Protestor Removal 90%
  • Litigator Removal 91%
  • Bounce Removal 72%

Our Most Advanced Cleaning Software.

Scrub millions of records in minutes.  Scrub gigabits in hours.  Our mx records and IP verification tool can scrub 10 million records in 50 minutes.

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